How Site Planning Can Make (Or Break) Your Project

First – What is Site Planning?

Britannica defines site planning as, “the art of arranging land and the objects upon it for human use and enjoyment.” We at SC&A, Inc. are Site Planning artists and we start by walking the land and with that communion in mind, we establish the perfect plan that will tie in with local and regional objectives for long-term development, as well as matching the local attributes and culture. Always with conservation in mind, SC&A can provide comprehensive land use plans and master plans for large parcels or small urban centers.  Being stewards of the land towards leaving it for future generations in a condition better than we received it is at the core of our Site Planning efforts. As a company, we have been creating “art”, a Sense of Place, and designing with sustainability in mind for over 45 years.

An Art and a Science

Creativity knows no time and space; we create anew in the here and now.  Just as an artist must prepare his canvas, brushes, and paints before the masterpiece is started, a prudent site planner must invest time and thought analyzing the site before the first napkin sketch of a concept drawing is even prepared.  Existing infrastructure, topography, vegetation, existing structures, water features, and local policies are just a few of the factors that must be considered and accounted for as they should all influence the final design.  Failure to properly vet, understand, and account for these and many more like current building codes and regulations can result in significant and expensive mistakes riddled with costly delays.

Identifying property lines is generally recognized as a basic component of Site Planning but often significant aspects of site planning like potential hazardous underground contaminants from previous on-site or adjacent uses may be overlooked.  In many jurisdictions tree preservation ordinances or new landscaping requirements may not be properly understood and appreciated; sometimes even by the administering code officials.  We have aided numerous land developers to achieve a permitted site optimally drawn and reflecting the attributes and character of the predeveloped site to meet and exceed the clients’ needs while appeasing and accommodating all local requirements and expectations.  We will discover and champion the “win-win”!

Our Approach

SC&A’s approach to planning, design, and construction administration relating to natural resource issues has resulted in numerous award-winning projects throughout the United States and abroad. We provide professional services through all phases of the design, construction, and maintenance process. We are especially skilled in using presentation graphics and mediation to win approvals for difficult projects. Our staff has diverse skills and experience in land planning, civil engineering, landscape architecture, construction administration, urban forestry, and water management.

When we see the land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” ~Aldo Leopold

Let us help you honor, explore, and exploit your imagination with good site planning while preserving the integrity, stability, and existing beauty to create a true masterpiece!