Urban Forestry

SC&A began as one of the first nationally recognized Urban Forestry consulting firms in the country. Urban Forestry remains the backbone of SC&A’s approach to designing in concert with nature. Combining one part science, one part artistry and one part common sense, SC&A has advocated the role of trees as a critical part of the urban infrastructure. Applying the discipline of site planning with the natural resources in mind first, we use a cutting edge approach to solve difficult environmental projects. This process won SC&A the National Arbor Day Building with Trees Award 7 times and numerous state and local awards. Urban forestry is the culmination of all the disciplines we use here at SC&A. It is looking at the entire picture of the forest and how every piece fits together and has its place. We like to call it farming in the city. 

Urban Forestry Expertise

  • Tree Preservation
  • Tree Transplantation
  • Resource Identification
  • Mitigation Management
  • Plant Health Care
  • Construction Administration
  • Education/Training

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