24 Hour Water Monitoring

Our 24/7 Water Monitoring Service means that you never have to worry about irrigation issues going unnoticed.

How does it work?

Always On. Always Optimized.

SC&A manages data and logistics to keep smart irrigation systems running at maximum efficiency, protecting the client’s investment, and delivering the full financial and environmental benefits of a smart irrigation program.

SC&A ensures that the controllers are programmed correctly and in accordance with local watering ordinances, preventing inefficient watering and potential fines for breaking restrictions. We track long-term water usage to identify smaller leaks that would otherwise go unnoticed and keep providers accountable for addressing these issues.

Always Within Reach.

Most providers are not familiar with these systems and are typically unable to use them correctly. Landscape irrigation problems often go unnoticed until the costly physical symptoms — plant death, major line breaks, etc. — take their toll. When providers have questions or need help troubleshooting, we are only a phone call away.

Always a Smart Investment.

Irrigation monitoring ensures that the client’s investment in conservation serves both their property and their profit margin. Our monitoring team identifies problems as soon as they occur, responding to system alerts by notifying irrigation providers and initiating immediate on-site action. This saves countless dollars and gallons of water. Our monitoring team works for you 24/7/365 to identify opportunities, hopefully before they become problems. Our team responds to system alerts when they occur, day or night, weekday or holiday. When the system triggers an alarm we will immediately notify your irrigation maintenance provider initiating immediate on-site action. Our third-party monitoring and oversight service saves previously unappreciated volumes of water which saves you money! This timely recognition and attention to most any changes in your irrigation system can also help alleviate or reduce unanticipated situations that may carry with them significant liabilities. Unintended liabilities for example could result from unrecognized line breaks that might spray water into a drive line or leaks that create erosion in some obscure location of your property that might erode becoming a slope or pavement failure before the line break is even recognized. Our service can help protect and maintain your investments in your aesthetically pleasing landscaping, an asset, while carefully managing your use of water and other controllable expenses to help you maximize your investments and protect your assets while always striving to help your bottom line.

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