Our Work

We have helped plan, design and build projects requiring problem solving and consensus building for a diverse set of clients that includes commercial and residential developers, universities and all levels of government agencies.

Middle Tennessee State University irrigates 28 sites. Each with their own set of needs and requirements. 23 of these sites were athletic fields, educational buildings, administrative buildings, and common areas. The campus faced the dilemma of paying for irrigation water versus the health of the campus’ plant material. SC&A developed a comprehensive irrigation retrofit program to reduce the amount of water used. It is estimated that this campus irrigation water use would decrease by 64% resulting in a water cost reduction of over $41,200.00 per year.

A major retailer had a 5 acre cypress wetland dome sitting in the middle of their potential site. This property was the last piece of land in this demographic and county that was suitable for the client to build on. To mitigate the wetland in ‘normal’ fashion would mean to pull a permit allowing the client to destroy the wetland and rebuild another one in the same watershed. We proposed moving the watershed completely. We told them we proposed to move it piece by piece, layer by layer, tree by tree and plant by plant and that we had never done it before but we had the guts to do it if they did. We finished the job for just over $3 million saving the client $27 million. The wetland is alive and well today. The water that runs through it and a series of other ponds and littoral shelves has the water leaving the site cleaner than it enters.

The client faced the dilemma of maintaining healthy plant material on thousands of retail sites while following increasing water restrictions throughout the country. SC&A worked with the client to develop a new program that would envelop the entire landscape and irrigation design program. This began by creating more than just landscape and irrigation guidelines and specifications but a fully implemented, working system that could be used nationwide by their designers. By building and utilizing this program in its entirety, it is estimated that this client’s noncompliance issues have decreased by approximately 76%.

SC&A’s Urban Forestry division was hired to locate a large tree suitable to transplant to a pocket park in downtown Nashville. The timing was a critical issue as the client was on a tight schedule. Also, the tree could only be transplanted during a certain time of the year for optimal results. We leveraged our firm’s expertise to locate the perfect specimen for the project, transport it over 900 miles, and coordinate a highly detailed plan to transplant the tree. To date, the tree has weathered a full year and a harsh winter in its new home.

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