Evaluation & Design

Our 4-Step Process for Optimizing & Reducing Your Water Consumption

Step 1: Evaluation

Once the water audit is complete, we will evaluate the findings and determine next steps. Next steps could be recommendations for new control equipment, new emitter devices, for new sensing devices, or possibly an entirely new system.  Our evaluation will also provide (when the supporting data is available) a benefit-cost analysis to help appreciate how and why the stated recommendations are not only better for the aesthetic and health of your landscaping investments, in most instances our recommendations also are beneficial to your short-term bottom-line!  We are not selling you just a service.  We are providing solutions that will save you more than you spend year after year.  We are an investment!

Step 2: Design

SC&A has Certified Irrigation Design (CID) professionals certified by the Irrigation Association that understand the irrigation needs of your plants. A comprehensive irrigation system will be designed to optimize every gallon of water subsequently purchased and utilized; a solution to provide an efficient and cost-effective irrigation design that meets each plant’s unique watering requirements specific to your location and application.

Step 3: Installation and Start-Up

Once the installation begins until it is complete, we will provide owner oversight as needed to ensure the installation matches the design intent. Upon completion, we will provide direction to the end user on the system use, scheduling, and maintenance.

Step 4: On-Going and Operational Oversight

SC&A has a proven track record working with large-scale commercial and institutional programs providing third-party irrigation controller oversight across multiple properties.

Download a Sample Irrigation Design