Mixed Land Use + Other Zoning Terms Simplified

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Land zoning is a type of urban planning where your local municipality groups tracts of land into defined zones. These zones indicate the allowed use of the property and every piece of property has zoning placed upon it. The most common zones include Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Agriculture. Along with those zones, there are also Mixed-Use zones that allow combinations of different zoning. Each of the most common zones has subcategories specifying rules such as minimum lot size, minimum dwelling size, and business type, to name a few.

Zoning Terms

Staying Flexible for Evolving Guidelines

The zoning on your piece of property can change. This process begins generally, with a discussion with your local planning office. You will then need to develop a plan for your proposed future use. This plan will need to be submitted to and approved by the local planning department. After approval, the plan will then go to the local town/county council for approval. This will require multiple approvals over two to three meetings. One or more of these meetings will include a public hearing where neighboring property owners will get the opportunity to comment on your plans. Once you receive final approval your zoning will be changed. Zoning Codes may change periodically as the planning department periodically reviews the zoning plan. As communities grow the zoning plan will need to be updated.

Time to Talk to The Experts

SC&A has rezoned many pieces of property. The process can be easy and sometimes challenging. It is our job to help you make the most of your property. Click here for a guide to understanding the Nashville Zoning Code – or give us a call. We will be more than happy to help.