Noble Park Case Study

Case Study: Noble Park Tree Transplant The Challenge: SC&A’s Urban Forestry division was hired by Market Street Equities to locate a large tree suitable to transplant to a pocket park in downtown Nashville. The timing was a critical issue as the client was on a tight schedule. Also, the tree could only be transplanted during […]

Water Management

Because Gallons Cost DollarsCustom irrigation solutions from the industry experts.See How Much You Can Save We can save your water, and save your costs. Water gives life to land. SC&A Water makes sure irrigation works for you. Our water management services beautify place, streamline maintenance and monitor 24/7. Gallons… and counting Irrigation Management Evaluation & […]

Civil Engineering

Bringing Your Project to Life is Our Expertise SC&A is committed to being on the leading edge of land development technology. Having worked in over 40 states, and internationally as well, we not only apply our hands-on experience with dirt and water from such geographic diversity but combine it with expertise in dealing with regulatory […]

Land Planning

Bridging the Gap Between Natural and Man-Made We start by walking the land and with that communion in mind, we establish the perfect plan that will tie in with local and regional objectives for long term development, as well as matching the local color and culture. Always with conservation in mind, SC&A can provide comprehensive […]

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Design That Reflects Your Values. Our Landscape Architecture reflects a quest for beauty and function combined with responsible land stewardship. It also acts as a liaison between the civil engineering and planning disciplines and gives each project a sense of place. We create unique designs on all types of projects including residential communities, commercial […]


The Perfect Union of Your Land and Your Project Sustainability—as a movement—opened the door for common ground between all of the urban sciences. And while so much of our new urban farming techniques are now open source, SC&A has always embraced the cornerstone of sustainability in its simplest form: Being stewards of the land and […]

Urban Forestry

SC&A began as one of the first nationally recognized Urban Forestry consulting firms in the country. Urban Forestry remains the backbone of SC&A’s approach to designing in concert with nature. Combining one part science, one part artistry and one part common sense, SC&A has advocated the role of trees as a critical part of the […]

Water Conservation Audit

Case Study: University Campus Water Audit & Irrigation System Retrofit The Challenge: Middle Tennessee State University irrigates 28 sites. Each with their own set of needs and requirements. 23 of these irrigation sites were comprised of athletic fields, educational buildings, administrative buildings, and common areas. The campus faced a dilemma, paying for irrigation water versus […]

Wetlands Relocation

Case Study: Preserving and Relocating an Entire Ecosystem The Challenge: A major retailer had a 5 acre cypress wetland dome sitting in the middle of their potential site. This property was the last piece of land in this demographic and county that was suitable for the client to build on. To mitigate the wetland in […]