Noble Park Case Study

Case Study: Noble Park Tree Transplant The Challenge: SC&A’s Urban Forestry division was hired by Market Street Equities to locate a large tree suitable to transplant to a pocket park in downtown Nashville. The timing was a critical issue as the client was on a tight schedule. Also, the tree could only be transplanted during […]


Our projects have been recognized nationally for our outstanding commitment to conservation and sustainability. Here are a few of our standout projects and awards: Nashville 2054 (Nashville, TN)Nashville Civic Center’s Future Plan of Nashville Contest President’s AwardTUFC (Tennessee Urban Forestry Council) Solomon’s Landing (Soloman, MD)Urban Wildlife Sanctuary DesignationGlobal ReLeaf New Community Award Wal-Mart SuperCenter (Boerne, […]

Development Program

Case Study: Designing a Company-Wide Conservation Program The Challenge: The client faced the dilemma of maintaining healthy plant material on thousands of retail sites while following increasing water restrictions throughout the country. The client needed to reduce their nationwide water footprint and wanted a complete program that was not only more holistic and sustainable but […]

Water Conservation Audit

Case Study: University Campus Water Audit & Irrigation System Retrofit The Challenge: Middle Tennessee State University irrigates 28 sites. Each with their own set of needs and requirements. 23 of these irrigation sites were comprised of athletic fields, educational buildings, administrative buildings, and common areas. The campus faced a dilemma, paying for irrigation water versus […]